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What's Next for Non-Islamist Terrorism Globally?

Hello from my visit to the Sphinx... along London's River Thames(!), Readers,  WHAT'S NEXT FOR NON-ISLAMIST TERRORISM GLOBALLY? Islamist terrorism continues to evolve globally, with the rise of al Qaeda 3.0, ISIS 2.0 and the clash between certain extremist groups. But are there other types of terrorism to be concerned about? You bet – here are a few notable non-Islamist terrorist threats to watch around the world: 1) Buddhist Extremism Spreading in Southern Asia Buddhism is under threat from Islam – at least according to an extremist contingent of Buddhist monks in both Myanmar and Sri Lanka who, back in 2014, publicly formed a global anti-Islamist pact. In 2018, Buddhist-led violence against Muslim minorities has escalated, facilitated in part by social media...

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