The Global Kid


About the Education Non-Profits

100% of the sales from The Global Kid (both hard copy and digital copy) are going to two education non-profits – Developments In Literacy and Global Glimpse – which have an impressive track record of success in helping youth reach their potential.

Learn more about Developments In Literacy here. The non-profit educates and empowers underprivileged students, especially girls, in student-centered model schools across Pakistan. DIL builds, operates and manages 126 child-friendly school campuses across three provinces of Pakistan, providing education for students from Nursery through Grade 10 (Matric Level)DIL is committed to providing a girl-friendly education, with a female student enrollment rate of 67% and females comprising nearly 90% of school staff. The non-profit also provides need-based scholarships for students seeking higher education opportunities, particularly for girls attending schools far from their homes.

And learn more about Global Glimpse here. The non-profit takes US youth from low-income areas abroad for a global education. Since 2007, Global Glimpse has served over 2700 students. In 2015, the non-profit served 728 students and 78 educators from 50 US public high schools providing over $1.5 million in need-based scholarships. 99% of alumni report that Global Glimpse was the most powerful experience they had in high school; 97% of alumni say that because of Global Glimpse they believe they have more of responsibility to make the world a better place; and 95% of alumni say participating in Global Glimpse motivated them to set higher academic and personal goals for themselves.