Donating Comic's Profits

100% of the profits during the first week of The Global Kid: A VR/AR Political Comic Book (2021) in Dec 2021 went to the Covid Solidarity Response Fund for the World Health Organization (WHO) while Omicron spread globally. Another week's profits went to UNICEF's Ukraine Appeal in February 2022 soon after the war; and in September 2022 a week's profits were donated to Pakistan's flood relief via TCF.

100% of the profits from The Global Kid: A Political Comic Book (2016) went to two education non-profits in 2016-2018 – Developments In Literacy and Global Glimpse – which have an impressive track record of success in helping youth reach their potential. Since 2019, profits from The Global Kid (sold on Amazon) go to my brother's memorial fund for Syrian refugee youth via charity Peace & Sport.

The Abid Aziz Fund supports Peace & Sport's "Live Together" program for Syrian refugee youth in Jordan's Za'atari camp to promote positive social change through sports. I donated $5000 in prize money from The Global Kid (2016), 100% of profits from the comic since 2019 (plus 15% of profits from my first book Future World Order.) Here is a video of the kids who have benefited from the Abid Aziz Fund, supported by my book and comic – thank you readers! or Facebook

 Letter from the president and founder of Peace & Sport, Joel Bouzou, about my donations:

Article on the charity's website about my $5000 donation from prize money earned by THE GLOBAL KID: A Political Comic Book (2016) in 2019: