Endorsements and Launch of The Global Kid (2016)

Some initial reviews from young readers of The Global Kid: A VR/AR Political Comic Book (2021):
**"The book is about helping to save the planet and building a better future. I like the super girl!” –8 year old boy
**“I like it because it’s about the world right now. I want to save the world too when I grow up.” –9 year old girl
Here are Endorsements for The Global Kid: A Political Comic Book (2016) from Major Political Thinkers and Award-Winning Cartoonists:
  • "With humor and realism, The Global Kid explains today's scary world to the next generation and inspires them to act today to save our future." -Michele Wucker, Author of The Gray Rhino
  • "Can comic books save the world? In these very trying times, we need as many antidotes to our global problems as we can get. Dr Maha Aziz gives us a good dose of information in a format that can be swallowed whole by young and old. Is this the cure? To quote Margaret Mead, 'Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.'" -Peter Kuper, Cartoonist at Mad Magazine and Author of Ruins
  • "Maha Aziz offers a colorful and entertaining introduction to some extremely important (and complicated!) subjects. The Global Kid is an engaging way to open important conversations between kids and adults." -Dr Ian Bremmer, author of SuperpowerEvery Nation for ItselfThe J-Curve and The Fat Tail
  • "The Global Kid is original, entertaining, very accessible and full of fun. A perfect way to understand a complex subject." -Chris Burke, Cartoonist Contributor to The Economist, Guardian, Time, GQ, Vogue
  • The Global Kid "eloquently suggests that if the problems causing instability can be clearly seen, the answer is one: more democracy, more power to the people." -Yiannis Dermentzoglou, Political Cartoonist at TVXS.gr and Eleftheros Typos
  • "Yellow is the color of "caution" and The Global Kid has more yellow than any other comic book in the history of comic books. It is a cautionary tale." -Daryl Cagle, Editorial Cartoonist at Cagle Cartoons Newspaper Syndicate and Former Editorial Cartoonist at MSNBC


And photos from the 2016 launch party at NYC's Parlor club: