A Global, All Female Team For The Global Kid

The Team For The GLOBAL KID: A VR/AR Political Comic Book (2020-Present)
Dr Maha Hosain Aziz in NYC, NYU professor, World Economic Forum expert, bestselling author and award-winning cartoonist who drew the original Global Kid (2016)
Musemio in London: award-winning VR education startup led by co-founder Olga Kravchenko; partner of The Global Kid
AR Market in Rome: AR firm led by co-founder Flavia D'Altrui; with amazing artwork by artist extraordinaire Mara Angelilli; creative contributor to The Global Kid
The Original Team For THE GLOBAL KID: A Political Comic Book (2013-2016)
Dr Maha Hosain Aziz, Cartoonist & Comic Book Creator 
NYU Professor, Consultant (Wikistrat) & Blogger (Huffington Post's WorldPost & NY Observer) specialising in Political Risk, Prediction & Strategy, whose childhood dream was to be a cartoonist. She lived in seven countries by age 14 & hails from Pakistan
Tanya Nadine KhanStudent Editor & Social Media Strategist
Warwick University BA Politics grad and WBS MS Grad; and a Global Kid who grew up in the US, South Asia, Europe & the Middle East
Felicia Schneiderhan, Researcher
Fulbright Scholar (NYU) & Serial Entrepreneur (Black Bun, 30 Seconds to Fly), who hails from Germany
Bloria Tahari, Graphic Designer
FIT Grad & Graphic Designer Extraordinaire (www.bloria.com), who hails from Israel