The Global Kid


Hello Readers,

Check out some of my past Huffington Post-WorldPost and Observer blogs on each country and related global themes in my 2016 political comic book, The Global Kid:

Prof Aziz's 2017 Blog Series on The Political Themes of My Comic Book

#1 It's a Post-Hegemonic World and That's Ok
#2 A New Cold War of Ideas in Today's Post-Hegemonic World
#3 Democracy or Dictatorship, Does It Even Matter Anymore?
#4 Is it Time for a New Social Contract?
#5 What Are Our New Global Values?
#6 Do We Understand Our Global Identity Crisis?
#7 Are Activist Billionaires Today's Public Intellectuals?
Prof Aziz's 2016 Blog Series on the Countries of My Comic Book
Myanmar - How ISIS Might Destroy Myanmar
Saudi Arabia - Is Saudi Arabia (or ISIS) Ready for the Country's Predicted Oil Shortage? 
Brazil - How Crowdsourcing Brazil's Anti-Corruption Policy Might Ease Brazil's Legitimacy Crisis
Greece - How Global Crowdfunding Might Ease the Greek Debt Crisis

South Africa - How the Crowd Can Help Make Entrepreneurs Out of South Africa's Unemployed Youth