The Global Kid



Hello Readers,

Welcome to the world's first comic book about global politics! I'm a professor (NYU), consultant (Wikistrat) and blogger (Huffington Post-WorldPost) of global politics, whose childhood dream was to be a cartoonist. In my award-winning comic, The Global Kid will enlighten you about the politics of Myanmar, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Greece and South Africa today and in the coming years. What are the key political risks today and how might the future unfold for these countries? Let The Global Kid guide you!

So whether you are 12, 112, or somewhere in between – have a read, be enlightened to make better sense of the world and know that your purchase of this hand-drawn, digitally colored, Indiegogo-funded e-comic is going entirely to education non-profits that help youth reach their potential. Your $10 will fund a child's complete primary education for one year in a Pakistan-based school run by Developments in Literacy; it will also cover a scholarship for a high school student in a low-income area in the US to participate in Global Glimpse's unique education program abroad.

Here are some sample pages (and drawings I did in recent years) here or on Instagram and read my past Huffington Post-WorldPost blogs on the countries and political themes featured in the comic.

Check out how excited The Global Kid was to receive the 2016 Wonder Woman Award, the 2017 WEF Excellence Award and the 2017 INSPAD Peace Award:

And below are photos from our fun Spring 2016 Launch Party at Parlor Club in NYC:

Thank you – Maha :) 

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