March 21: What's Next for Islamist Terrorism Globally? RSS

What's Next for Islamist Terrorism Globally?

Hi from my first speech (on tech's impact on global risk) at NY's UN General Assembly Hall, Readers, WHAT'S NEXT FOR ISLAMIST TERRORISM GLOBALLY?In 2017, we heard certain leaders, including Russia’s Vladimir Putin, Iraq’s Hadir Al-Abadi and America’s Donald Trump, declare a military victory over ISIS in Syria and Iraq. In fact, according to the Peace Tech Lab’s Story Map, the number of Islamist terrorist attacks declined from 1,439 in 2016 to 1,212 last year with fatalities notably dropping from 14,635 in 2016 to 8,096 in 2017. This sounds like progress. Then again, we also saw the rise of ISIS-inspired lone wolf attacks in the US and Europe, while ISIS offshoots and al Qaeda affiliates kept very active elsewhere in...

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